Each collage, cut and glued by hand is primarily composed of Coloraid, a silk-screened artist's paper. Other specialty papers, collected from many different sources, are used to add accents of pattern and texture to the collages. For example, Origami paper is used for clothing and other forms which require patterns. Other papers used, include construction paper, craft paper, wrapping paper, tissue paper, wallpaper, and decorative paper. Materials like string, ribbon, and cloth lend the pieces even greater dimension and texture. Before the cutting begins each collage requires extensive planning and sketching.
Ida Pearle was born and raised in New York City. She began drawing and playing the violin as a small child, and pursued these interests during her education at the United Nations International School, and La Guardia High School of the Arts. During college, she concentrated on figurative drawing and painting as a fine arts major at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. While in college she continued to pursue music, performing and recording with many groups, as well as designing album covers. Towards the end of her time in college, she began making cut-paper collages as personalized gifts for friends. These collages developed into poetic vignettes, depicting the challenges and gifts of friends' lives, recast in a hopeful and magical light. As the collages' narratives are inspired by real situations, the visual forms of the collages, though playful and childlike in appearance, are informed by a thorough understanding of figure and gesture. Though appealingly dream-like, the unique animation, poignancy, and realistic resonance of these works enables them to function as tools for imaginative learning and growth in the real world. Ida currently lives and works in New York City.